Tired of listening to the same artists...Well then good thing you're here because here is a list of some really good artists you should listen to.

1) Melanie Martinez
Now if you don't already know who Melanie Martinez is then you should DEFINITELY check out her music! Her music is alternative and is very creative! Also her album tells this very creative story and her music videos are just the best!

2) Blackbear
Sadly Blackbear isn't really well known but should be because of his amazing beats and lyrics. His music is more of a R & B, hip pop, style I guess you could say...But anyways he has a really good voice and very creative view! Also follow him on twitter cause his tweets are deep.

3) Billie Elish
Billie Elish is a VERY talented 15 YEAR OLD! I mean it's very hard to believe anyone like her is 15!! Her music is pop like. Just like the other artists on this lists, her songs are very creative and also playful. I especially recommend her song Copycat!

4) Marina and the Diamonds
Marina and the Diamonds is not very well known...at least not in the US. But her music is alternative. I recommend listening to her album Electra Heart because it tells an amazing story and just like Melanie Martinez I would recommend watching the music videos.

5) Panic! at the Disco
Now Panic! at the Disco is very well known and if you don't know them then...GO CHECK THEM OUT NOW!!! P!ATD is my favorite out of this whole list! The music is rock, pop punk, and what I love most about the songs are the lyrics! The lyrics are very complex and Brendon sure knows how to play around with his words in the song!

I know this list was very sucky and my grammar and just everything was really bad...but i hope that you took the time to actually check out these artist and actually read my crappy list. So if you did...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!