What I've read this month?

1. A Court of Mist and Fury (5/5 stars) and A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas (4.90/5 stars)

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I call this two books A Court of Pain and Feeligns
Sarah J. Maas is a fucking master, the world, the story, all the worldbuilding is perfectly explained, and oh my lord, please have mercy. I'm a fangirl and this trilogy is like my paradise, seriusly.
I really love this trilogy, I think is one of the best series that I've read, and I just can say one thing: READ IT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

2. Legend (3.39/5 stars), Prodigy (3.56/5 stars) and Champion (4.17/5) by Marie Lu

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This is a beautiful dystopian trilogy that shows us the story of June Iparis, a Prodigy and Day, a Legend of the Republic of America
Honestly, this story is very beautiful, heartbreaking, dramatic, with action, tension, plus it hooks you to such a point that you read 300 pages in a single day and you have time to go to tea. Practically: All the ingredients to be deserves the renown it has.

3. It End with Us by Colleen Hoover (4.50/5 stars)
Review in spanish: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2130965772

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The way in which the story of Lily is presented to us is naturally enveloping, not at all forced and very easy to digest even though we are dealing with subjects that are not simple at all. Each of the characters has something to offer for the story, personally gripping them Allysa and Marshall, made me smile a lot with their occurrences.
In itself it is a bit difficult to talk about the book without spoilers. By saying that the title does not capture a meaning until the end, I think with that you let know enough.
Cute, simple and at the same time raw and real.

4. Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge (3/5 stars)
Review in spanish: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2132563218

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I was expecting a lot more from this book, after reading Cruel Beauty I was in love with the way Rosamund wrote and created that world together with history and therefore, I had too much illusion to Crimson Bound, but to the end it was not so good as I thought it was going to be.
Of course, for tastes, colors.
The idea is very good, the story is very good, the way it is narrated is also very good, but for me it just fell short. The alleged love triangle was forced on me, and I do not even understand what the triangle was doing there, the story would have been really great if romance had not been involved at all, but rather friendship as a key point. The story lacks a bit in several parts, but I must admit that the world and its legends are very well developed, Rachelle is a badass in every way, the villain is also made to want and despise with the same intensity, references to mythology Greek to the well, I was not expecting less from this author.
I go back and repeat: For tastes, colors.

5. Corrupt by Penelope Douglas (3.87/5 stars)

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Just exist one phrase for this: Hotter than hell
Read it.
That's is all I'm gonna say.

6. Darkest Minds (3.50/5 stars) Never Fade (4.17/5 stars) In the Afterlight (4.90/5 stars) by Alexandra Bracken

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This is another fantastic dystopian trilogy, which presents us with a United States (Because it seems all the catastrophes that end in hell as far as Dystopias develop in the United States) where children and adolescents who survive a disease called ENIIA develop powers kinesis type and are forced to reside in special concentration camps, children are categorized by colors: Blue are those of Telekinesis, Green are those with an intelligence around computing, Yellow is electrokinesis, Red is Pyrokinesis and Orange are those that can control the minds of others.
The story begins when Ruby, who has been interned in Thurmond (one of the oldest and most terrifying quarters) since the age of ten (and also she is a Orange), escapes with help from Cate, a covert agent of the Children's League, an anti-government organization to say so so, but Ruby is panicked and escapes from Cate to meet three other fugitive teenagers named Liam, Chubs and Zu.
It has a very special and raw plot, I can only say that I enjoyed it very much and that I could be quite fangirl with a couple there.