The first week of the academic year: party hard now it is still possible and there are not yet any responsibilities waiting for you the next morning. The student life is the best life.

But is it truly? After another evening spend complaining about annoyingly drunk first years, one might find himself in bed, pretty sober, and think: "Why did I go to the party in the first place? Did I truly have the time of my life surrounded by people too drunk to talk, let alone stand?"

As you might conclude from this article: I am not a big drinker. Not as a matter of principle, but merely because I have my own reasons. I do not judge anyone who does enjoy getting drunk because they will have their own reasons.

As one of the most sober people at parties, I like to look around and observe the others. This was exactly what I was doing last week, when suddenly it hit me. Never before had I seen so many people completely messed up and never before had I seen so many different sad faces.

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It made me think: do we drink because we need to escape? Do we drink because we want to belong into this social standard that somehow still stands even though it is proven to be unhealthy? Would it be such a shame to admit that you do not like getting drunk? Do you have less fun when you're sober? Does it make you a better human to be able to empty seven or more pints on one night? Do you really remember anything of your drunk memories?

Does drinking make you an interesting person?