Top 5 anime shows that I enjoy watching on my free time and I believe you should too for a good laughter and for heart-warming moments.

anime and tokyo mew mew image

5. Would be "Mew Mew Power" I would watch this show on Saturday mornings as a kids and was really into it. The purple shewolf mew was my favorite character because of her badass attitude.

fairy tail image

4. "Fairy Tail" is another great and humors show to watch because of its leading action and drama. The protagonists lead a guild and the students in it have amazing super powers. Even though it is rated for mature viewers it still has great content in humor.

avatar, aang, and avatar the last airbender image

3. "Avatar the last Airbender" is Nickelodeon's TV show that aired years ago and still consider it as one of my favorites. The show comes with great humor and action fighting! With some of the characters that are born with supernatural abilities such as water-bending, fire bending, earth bending, and air-bending. All these supernatural abilities come to life when they use body motion with their hands and legs. It's a go-to "anime watch" for me cause each episode carries an important lesson as well.

ladybug, miraculous, and Chat Noir image

2. Another Nickalodeon TV show is "Miraculous Ladybug!" The superhero duo fight crimes together during the day but keep their secret identity from each other and from the world. There is also a love square that is going on throughout the show! You just gotta watch and see how it goes.

sailor moon image

1. The number 1 that tops the chart is "Sailor Moon"! I love the 1990's version of Sailor moon because it was the first anime show that I watched as a kid. Serena (Sailor Moon) is not only a superhero but she is the last person anyone would expect to be a superhero in her hometown. Serena is a cry-baby, whiny, and food-loving person, so with the silly traits that she has, it shows us that we can be our own superheroes.