Maybe my world does not exist
Maybe it's cold.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe I love you.

Maybe I'll live a farce.
Maybe quitting is better.
Maybe you're my weakness.
Maybe I'm undecided.
Maybe you're my infinite
Maybe I love you.

Maybe the reality is hard.
Maybe the imaginary consumes me
Maybe the cold is hot.
And the hot cold
Maybe love is just an action.
Maybe I love you.

Maybe I live in the past.
Maybe this past is my future.
Maybe you're my light.
Or maybe it's my darkness
Maybe the future is far away.
Maybe the past consumes me
Maybe I love you.

Maybe my love will decrease
Or maybe it will increase
Maybe everything was in vain
Maybe it was a mistake.
But maybe I like to err.

Maybe, but only maybe even I love you