getting over someone isnt easy at all but its not impossible either.To get over somebody we need forget about them.You must be thinking that you cant forget anyone like so easily well yea right you cant.But i didnt say that u wont be able to forget anyone ever.
I am telling this from my experience so it took me like many months to get over a guy like i still love him but i stopped trying because when u know that somebody cant be yours then you just gotta stop trying or begging for love.I tried alot to express my feelings for 2years but i didnt wanted to lose him as a friend even.Because if i had expressed my feelings i would lose him but now when i did i had lost him.So in order to get over somebody u need to wait just like i did.Waited to get over him.This wasnt easy for me but I made myself understand that its totally useless to not to get over a guy.I now really dont care what he says.I realized that this is life.You will get your heart break by someone and you will break someone's heart.You will fall in love and sometimes out of love.
I used to cry for him everyday but now I dont. Everyday at school he is super rude to me.He insults me infront of him friends but yet i dont say him anything like nothing at all because i made a mistake and that was loving him.It was all my fault literally everything.I wish i never told him about my feelings because they just gonaa play with it.

In order to get over somebody then u gotta cut them off from ur life.Forget about them,cut contacts and if possible ignore them.e