Hey, guys this is my first article. It will be nice that we can start to know more about each other, so i'm sharing with you this September playlist hopping you can find something you like. So... here it is!

1.- Neck Deep- In Bloom.

2.- Agnes- Release Me.

3.- KARD- Hola Hola.

4.- Shawn Mendes- There's Nothing Holding Me Back.

5.- Nickelback- Figured You Out.

6.- Yelllowcard- Rest In Peace.

7.- Neck Deep- Serpents.

8.- Panic! At The Disco- Death Of A Bachelor.

9.- Last Alliance- Hekireki.

10.- Charli XCX- Boys.

11.- Marianas Trench.- B Team.

12.- Axwell Ʌ Ingrosso- More Than You Know.

13.- The Smashing Pumpkins- Today.

14.- Sugarcult- Memory.

15.- Oriana- Love Me Down Easy.

16.- The All-American Rejects- Move Along.

17.- Silverchair.- Miss You Love.

18.- Purity Ring- Begin Again.

19.- Maroon 5 Ft. SZA- What Lovers Do.

20.- Cheat Codes Ft. Demi Lovato.- No Promises.