To begin this challenge, the first day of it is the hardest. Because who is "me", really? Of course, I do have a name, someplace to live and such but those do not define me. In the clearest way possible; I'm a bit of everything.
I can easily get angry but I can calm down quickly. Nothing generally excites me but I'm hyperactive when it comes to something that I think about. I'm the unhealthy doctor; I give the best advice, but I never apply it to my own life. Sometimes I eat everything in the kitchen, sometimes I don't have even one meal in two days. I can't stand routines, they bore me. Although, if there's one thing that I'm sure about, is that I can't care. I'm a gymnast when it comes to morals but that doesn't bother me. After all, nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere and we're all gonna die someday. Maybe tomorrow. Therefore we must care about ourselves first, no one will put you first in a crisis situation instead of themselves.
I consider science as the poetry of the reality, almost anything related to science interests me. I also like reading and writing, which is why I am writing this article right now. I started writing a book four times but I didn't finish any of them. I'm the absolute temperamental person ever. I guess writing with music distracted me which brings me to my next point; I do everything with music. Even now I am listening music but I'm only interested in the listening part of the music. I tried to learn how to play guitar twice, I got bored. I don't have a spesific favorite genre of music, I listen to all kinds of music but mostly alternative pop and indie rock. Still, I can listen to Metallica after listening to Frederic Chopin.
My favorite TV shows are Doctor Who, Rick and Morty, The Big Bang Theory and Gotham. I love reading comicbooks, which is why opening a comicbook store that has a lab behind it after getting a degree in English Language and Literature in Scotland is one of my plans. I want to go to Scotland for university and probably buy a house in there because it's culture and history fascinates me. Celt and Nordic origins always attract me (one of the reasons is THE WEATHER. I ADORE COLD WEATHER.). That's why I both want to learn how to speak Welsh and Norwegian. I also have very deep plans about those languages (speaking of it, I have a passion for learning languages) but I'm running out of time. So see you tomorrow in the second day of fifteen days of writing.