Hey! Decided to publish my very first article and it's about what else than my love torwards fall, especially October. I wanted to make a list about fall-y stuff I absolutely want to get around doing this October, so here goes! I hope you enjoy this short-ish post and maybe get some inspiration yourself <3


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Any other season I would have a hard time leaving my house and going outside to get some fresh air, but it's so beautiful oudoors during fall that I am actually really looking foward to having a nice walk (and possibly taking some damn cute pics for instagram...)


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Yea! When going outdoors isn't an option I suggest you listen to a good podcast or some great music! Recently I've been obsessing over Arden Rose's and Will Darbyshire's podcast: 'Crash on my couch' , it's so funny and great! Ahh, they're so cute! This is also something you could do with a friend or a pet or whoever you like :D


aesthetic boots

So, this is definitely my favourite thing about fall, you can wear frickin' comfy sweaters that are also cute as hell and not have a heat sroke! I mean, who wouldn't love that?!! Also, fall is a great time for you to try out some new exciting clothes and especially rock those boots and denimjackets... and don't even get me started on mom jeans... haha


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I can't be the only one who feels like books only get better around fall. I love reading and writing even more and the comfy and cozy fall vibes give me inspiration. Studying, too, is something I actually don't hate so much during this time of year, for some reason. It's great getting some grades up for a change...


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Halloween is really fun and spending it with some close friends is as fun as it gets! You don't even need to dress up, there's so much more to this spooky yet cool Holiday you can't miss it! Carving some pumpkins, watching horror movies, eating halloween themed snacks and maybe go trick or treating? Halloween is so much fun!!

So there you go! This is only the tip of the iceburg, but I hope you liked it!
if you feel like checking out my 'FALL VIBES'-collection,for more cute pics, feel free to do so :) HAVE A GREAT OCTOBER! <3