Hi! Okay, so like mentioned in the title this is my first-ever WHI article and Ive been wanting to do this for a while now and i thought this challenge was the perfect way to do so, i hope you enjoy :)


My name is Tara-Lee , i prefer being called just Tara bc when i was younger the only time i was called by full name was i was in trouble .. so usually when i meet people i introduce myself as Tara . Other than being called Tara , as a nickname I was called Tar, which escalated to Tartar and then i became Tartar Sauce (not.your.tartar.sauce_ on Instagram) which is shortened to T most times but okay enough of my name now hehe .

I am from South Africa , Cape Town (and no we dont live amongst lions bc there's a difference between Africa and South Africa people!!) . I am currently 14 and in high school, grade nine (i went a year early to school) , most people don't believe me when i say this but i really enjoy school and no im not a 'nerd" . I just personally enjoy school bc of all of the people seeing we have a small school and im close with all of my teachers and most of the staff at school .
Ionly live w my parents although, i have an older sister who i am extremely tight with and im the youngest . I am an aunt to two amazing kids and i love my family .
I enjoy reading , writing , painting , creating , listening to music , science , Formula One racing, travelling , socializing with people , watching Youtube and scrolling through WHI . I have an obsession with flowers , animals and nature too .
By now i bet you probably get the idea im an upbeat positive person also im a bit weird and very talkative but , i havent always been like this .. but I'll keep that story for another post!

thanks for reading , keep well and much love my beautiful daisies <3