Make a list of your favorite destinations

I am very excited about this challenge. I did some thinking before I started writing this list because there is a similar challenge coming up later and I didn't want to repeat myself. At least not too much.
So here is the list.


This is my all time favourite. I love everything about it. Not just Australia as a place but also people, atmosphere, weather,... But speaking of places, my favourite are definitely Sydney, Uluru or Ayers Rock and Gold Coast.

australia, Sydney, and beach image
Bondi Beach

I thought falling in love with this place more than I already was is impossible but then I went there for only a month and I loved every minute I spent there. I'm definitely going back.


This is another city I've already been too. Honestly I didn't have any expectation. It was a school trip and I wasn't sure whether I'm gonna like it or not. I did. Very much. It's a big city but it isn't modern city with skyscrapers and that's what I like it about the most. It has it's own vibe.

amsterdam, travel, and autumn image

We also saw some landscape and countryside of The Netherlands and I like it just as much as I did the city.

3. Rome, ITALY

History. Architecure. Those are probably two main reasons why people visit Rome. I was there twice and everytime I'm impressed. It's really beautiful and rich with culture. Standing near Colosseum or any building that is so magnificent leaves me speachless. My favourite place in Rome is Forum Romanum.

rome, italy, and travel image

But Rome is much more than historical buildings. Just walking on streets, discovering hidden alleys, wandering around the city has its charm.

4. London, UK

Maybe rainy days aren't for me but these few days I didn't mind. When someone mentions London to me I picture it with rain. London, like cities I mentioned before has a lot of history but what I like it the most about London is nightlife. And By that I don't mean going to clubs or parties. Just walking on streets in the evening is nice. Streets are full of people, city doesn't die after sun sets.

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Big Ben

What's stuck in my mind the most is musical. This was my first and also the only musical I went to and it was perfect.

5. Kranjska Gora, SLOVENIA

My home country. I don't like our cities if I'm being honest but when it comes to nature, Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries I've been to.

autumn, nature, and photography image
Lake Bled

For me the town Kranjska Gora is just ordinary small town. It's its location that makes it so special. The nature around it it's amazing. It's surrouded by mountains, Lake Bled less than an hour drive away and ony few minutes away it's Planica, something Slovenians are very proud of and that's one of the bigest ski jumping hills.

2016, planica, and ski jumps image
Superthumb Superthumb

I hope you liked my article. I decided to make it short, picking only five favourite destinations.

Day 1. Write an article that's about YOU. Introduce yourself!
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