Hello, so this is actually my first article ever and I wanted to apologise if there is any mistakes in here, english is not my main language but I will do my best

So lately I've been feeling really down, really emocional and very very sensitive. All my life I've never had a lot of friends to not say none, and also I didn't had any brothers or sisters living with me, my father was never present so it was basically me and my mom, but thats a whole diferent history.

With that being said you can only imagine that I've never had a big contact with people and it kinda made me hate them and wanted to stay away from them, Im 18 now and I've been trying to improve that and I actually made some friends but as Im not used to have other people besides my family caring and worrying about me I think I become an awful friend, Im barely ever present in their life's or go out with them.

I wish it would have changed already but I just don't really know how to change it, so I always end up staying at home 24/7, yeah Im not a really social person. But I feel sad when I see posts on instagram of my friends with other friends with cute texts and going on fun and interesting places and Im never present.

Im sure Im not the only one to be in this situation and feeling this way, but I wanted you to know that is not stupid feel this way, it's not like we are jelous but we just wished to be able to interect more and be much more present.

Today, just a few minutes ago, I was listening to one of my favs pastors preach and he said something that tottally makes sense: "to get too you need to get through". So this means that this is just a phase and not anything is bad, you are beautifull inside and out and Im sure you will get over this because I love you.

So have a great day and think about this: is just a phase and from now on I will continue to work everyday to be a better person for me, my family and my friends.