Hey there! This is my first article ever so I thought I'd do a 30 day writing challenge, because I love to write about random things! I stole this list from google but changed two or three of the ones I didn't like. Feel free to take on this challenge too :)
day 1) Introduce yourself / cool facts about you
day 2) five problems with social media
day 3) your earliest memory
day 4) your first love and first kiss, if different discuss both
day 5) Your Dream Home
day 6) someone who fascinates you and why
day 7) what tattoos you have and their meanings (if any)
day 8) a book you love and why you love it
day 9) your feelings on ageism
day 10) one thing you really dislike and why
day 11) Your current relationship, if single, discuss that too
day 12) two words/phrases that make you laugh
day 13) your commute to and from work/school/etc
day 14) your life in 7 years
day 15) 3 pet peeves
day 16) bullet your entire day
day 17) a quote you try and live by
day 18) your favorite color and why
day 19) five fears that you have
day 20) put your music on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what your initial thoughts on them are
day 21) your zodiac/horoscope and whether you think it suits you
day 22) your morning routine
day 23) talk about music
day 24) something you miss
day 25) 4 weird traits you have
day 26) things you'd say to an ex
day 27) what you wore today
day 28) the word/ phrase you use constantly
day 29) Describe your favorite "crazy" night (either a bday, party, family gathering, etc)
day 30) One thing you are excited for