—Before I start, I want to say that I love all of her videos and this is a list based on my opinion and that it may be different from yours. {sorry if my english is bad}

.- ❣Tag, you're it/Milk and cookies❣
The reason that I put this video in the last position its bc the visuals. I don't know at all, but I expected more. I would have liked to see more stages or more interesting situations. the thing I loved the most about this visual was the continuity of pity party in the beginning and the color fx of the video, just beautiful.

.-❣Sippy cup❣
This is simple. I liked it very much, but I think its awkward {¿? I don't know the correct word, lol} respect to the other videos.

.-❣Alphabet boy❣
When I found out that alphabet boy would be a minimalist video
I got a little disgusted but I liked anyway. Melanie looked very beautiful and tender like always.

.-❣Cry baby❣
The same as tag, you're it/milk and cookies. Love the beginning but I wanted to see more scenes of the life of cry baby and her family or she in school or something like that.

.-❣Pity party❣
One of my favorites! but I put this visual in this position bc I think others deserve to have a higher position. I love it as it plays the theme of rejection in a childish way. It's a genius. Seriously!

I have a special affection for this. Because it was at the time where I met Melanie and listen to this song in the promotions of ahs it was so special and spectacular. About the video I very loved the park theme and the darkness setting. The production seems incredible and with a good development.

another of my favorites. Although the production is not the best, the video is incredible and conveys the message perfectly. Perfect lyrics and perfect visual!

.-❣Soap/Training wheels❣
I waited too long for this video and I love it! , I just felt uncomfortable the part of the television haha but that's all.

.-❣Mrs Potato head❣
sad but the great reality. This song touches the theme of beauty and little personal acceptance in a more direct way than other songs. the trama of this visual is is a little cruel {¿?} but the message can not be clearer. The acting and development is amazing.

.-❣Pacfiy her❣
Ok, maybe sure many will wonder why I put pacify her in the second place. This has little scenery but very beautiful, a great story and lyrics. the song is very catchy and I love the dance and expressions of melanie, lmao

.-❣Mad hatter❣
The video that everyone was waiting for. It's just PERFECT. EVERYTHING IS SO INCREDIBLE AND GENIUS. Melanie really, really put effort into this visual. I love it a lot.

—thx for read;