It's like we're pretending to be with our eyes opened. With our voice being loud. With the world screaming back at us that we can have more. But what is more?

More clothes, more technology, more cars, more jewelry, more shoes, more makeup, more bags, more fucking objects!

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And these days I caught myself wondering... "When I buy new clothes, how do I feel?" And you know, on the start I kinda feel excited by the fact that I'm gonna have in my room one thing that I wanted for sometime. But on the other hand, after one day, I already forget on its existence...

And how can I explain this moment? By knowing that only by the simple time of when I go to the beach with some friend, I change my way to uni, I write, I meet new people, I try different foods etc. That's what actually makes me feel good.

So try to free yourself from this cage, and try to forget about this paradise that society/celebrities/industry/commercials/social medias are trying to put in your head.

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Truly try to find the feeling that will make your soul fly.