Let's Begin Shall We^^

  • Relationship Post: I post what I think a relationship should be like and how both partners should act like. When they have a problem or a disagreement how to work through it. ( I post every Monday)
boy couple
  • Game Day: On game day we will get to know each by playing random games. Such as:- 21 Questions, Truth or Dare and Q&A. Also, I love video games so if you are a gamer message me. (On Tuesday)
blue game
  • Posting Picture and GIFs. ( On Wednesday)
Superthumb italy
  • I will be taking request on whatever topic you want and post it on the same day. We have some fun with it. (On Thursday)
  • Random, I could do anything on this day.
  • Romantic Stuff or Just a something fun. I post-romantic date, or just a fun day out.
  • Spam Day. I just gonna Spam you and give you credit for the picture that I use in my article.

PS: You can message me anytime. I'm always will to help anyone. You can always come to me for help no matter your situation, I'll do my best to help you and give you as much advice as I can, Or we could just talk and have fun.

Sincerely, Shen <3