I truly do not care guys. You are a human being who has the right to choose who and what they want to be and I will not judge you if you decide to be different from me. So, I don't care what your choice is or the way you were born. As long as you respect me and treat me nicely even if we are strangers.

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Whether you are Christian, Jewish or from any other religion, it's on you. Believe in whoever you want to. Do the things and celebrate the holidays your religion requires. Believe in God, Allah or anyone else. Believe in aliens for f**k's sake, I don't care. It is your choice and I will respect it, but you should return the favor. For example, I am an atheist and I won't appreciate it if you decide to make me a Buddhist, that I'd be better off believing. I don't care if you are Muslim or Christian as long as you don't force your religion on me.

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The same thing. You can be bi, trans, queer, pan, whatever. It doesn't change the fact that you are human, capable of love. It doesn't change the fact that we can be friends or lovers or married. Be attracted to whatever gender, it's not my life to have an opinion on it. The life is yours and the love you give shouldn't be limited to one gender only. You can like, love, have sex with whomever you want to. Just make sure not to force yourself on anyone. Do not rape. Love.

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Skin color

I am pale in a world that praises tan skin. Touched by the sun. Not too light, not too dark. Perfect. That's impossible. We are human beings and not one of us is perfect. In my opinion, imperfection is the ultimate perfection. So, I don't care if your skin color is black, white, red or blue. I actually think it'd be really cool if I didn't get burned after only two hours standing under the sun during the summer. This is me, though, and I can't change it. And you are you and I do not discriminate you because the amount of melanin in your body is higher than that in mine. It's stupid. Like, hating on a person because they are blonde and not brunette like yourself.

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Body type

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Everyone is born different, so women can't all have that hourglass figure that has been so popularized in the recent years. I don't know how, but in just a few years probably more than half of the women population got a tiny waist, round, tight ass and way too big boobs for such a thin body.

As if that is the only body type. What about all the girls who only fit in size L, called fat? What if they like to eat, but that's not all? What if they were just bigger born babies, who weighted more than the average? What if that is their body type and they simply can't change it no matter how starved they are or how many exercises they do per day? And what about all the girls who eat like pigs but their metabolism is just so fast they don't gain any weight? And you laugh at them because they look anorexic.

I have chubby friends that I've known since we were little and I guess I got used to different people not sharing the same body. This is why I don’t really care if you have fat or not. I do care if you are healthy or not though. So, no matter what you look like, just make sure to be healthy.

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