So... Hi everybody! I will present myself in this article. But first I apologize for all my english mistakes: I'm French. I'm learning English for 7 years now. I hope writing on whi will upgrade my english.

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I ride horses since I'm three years old. I have 3 horses, Toscane, Hegel and Faience, who are almost everythings for me.
I love being with horses. They calm me down and I feel really myself when I'm with them. I think horse is one of the most beautiful animal on the earth. It's powerful, graceful and wild.

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My second passion is photography. My mum bought me a Canon one years ago, and since I'm often with my camera. My favorite subject are Horses (of course!!) and human because emotions are the greatest inspiration. WHI give me so many idea! Maybe one day I will publish some of my pictures... Who knows?

I have so many passions, just like astrophysic, cinema, writting, music, sport, eating....

I want to be an assistant director. Working on movies is my biggest dream, and I will give almost everythings to achieve my goal.

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  • I'm also a big dreamer.
  • I forget so many things all the time.
  • Sometimes I go in my world and I don't come back for a while.
  • I'm a hot drink lover. I always have cup of tea, coffee or chocolate with me, and when I go to school I have a thermos of tea in my bag.
  • My favorite coulour is blue, but I like red and green too
  • My Harry Potter House is Ravenclaw
  • I love reading
  • My favourite serie is Hannibal with Mads Mikkelsen
  • I love rain and snow
  • I'm living in the mountains

Hope you enjoy, and see you soon!