Me again! I was really sad yeaterday and got over it by doing diffrent things and know i wanted to share them with all you. :)

  • Listen to music

Avoid your thoughts by listening to every kind of music and try to sing.

black and white arctic monkeys book
  • Write

Get a pen and a paper or a notebook and write how you feel and your thoughts this will make you feel relived

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  • Talk

expressing your fellings to another person makes you feel better its hard to talk but its way better than keeping all to yourself. I prefer my brother or my besties to talk when i feel bad.

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  • Series addict

Start watching a movie or better a series that you probably finish in one day.

teen wolf f.r.i.e.n.d.s
  • socialize

surf in Instagram or snap your friends staying online and doing something keeps you distracted

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  • Go out

step outside of your home door and go to a place were you can see the sunset or were you can stay and think

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  • Reading

Reading is good to even when you arent sad.

book aladdin
  • Crying yourself out

Crying its so good actually it takes out every bad feeling and sadness out.

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