"Life can be tough sometimes. For some people it's easy handle, put on a fake smile and pray for everyhting to be alright, some people shut everyhting out and isolate themselves."

"Whatever you choose to do, always think in a positive way. Maybe it won't get better now, but it will sooner on. Don't ever think you're alone about feeling this way. Whenever you're crying, desperately trying to find a way out of this darkness remember that there is somebody out there who are feeling the exact same way as you."

"Don't ever think there ain't somebody out there for you. One day you'll find the right one. He/She will understand what you're going through, even though it might not feel like it. He/She will hug you hard when you're crying."

"This Is A List Of Thing You Can Do To Feel Better:"

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Searching for the right friend will help you on your journey trhough life. A friend is someone you can relay your trust on, someone you can lean on, someone who understands you. Good friends that last for a long time are hard to find. They're like books, good books are hard to find so you have to go out and search for the right one. The bookcover may attempt to you to read the first pages but then you realize it's nothing for you. It's actually really bad. You can't just wait for God to send a friend to you, You have to go out and look for them yourselves. You'll be thankful when you find him/her. Surround yourself with positive and happy people.
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Food is also a way of staying happy. It's easy, eat food and you're happy! But don't overeat or don't make eating to a addiction. What I'm trying to say is that you should go out to restaurants, alone or with friends to try new things, maybe spicy food, or have you ever eaten tiramisu? Try it! It's actually really tasty.
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Art is beautiful and there are so many ways we can make art in. Maybe you're feeling like going to museum or an exhibition? What inspires you?
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Clothes can increase your happines and selfconfidence. What style are you inyo? Grunge or soft aesthetic? Maybe you're style is influenced by the 80's? Finding your own style and making a statement makes your personality stronger. Go to the mall and get some nice clothes you find comfy. Buy the ones that are flattering for your figure. If you don't know what kind of shape you are you can always ask the employees at the store. Or shop online. Try them before you buy them!
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Makeup is a good way of leaving all the negative and darkness for a moment. Get up, shower, fix your hair and put on makeup. Mix different colours and contrasts to create a bold or colourful look. Watch makeup videos or go to a makeupstore to get some new affordable maekup. Go and get yourself a perfume you love. Go to the stores and smell, look, and find the perfume that suits you. A good perfume for a good price can last for a long time.
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Make a place that you feel safe or in harmony with. Put plants on your desk, paint the walls in your room or why not some pink petals in your bathub? Furnishing is about finding your own individual style aswell.
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Maybe travelling isn't the best option as it affects the nature and earth in a negative way. Make a plan before you travel. Ask yourself: Where do I want to travel? Whom do I want to travel with? What do I want to see? Do some research on the internet and check out some suggestions for travel destinations. Do I want sun? Do I want to go sightseeing? Eat good food? If you can't afford a trip by flight or you're under age, you can always plan a picknick at the beach for a day or maybe go thrifting? Choose what you think you would love to do. Make it easy and simple or big and full of adventure!

So theese are my tips for what you can do to bring happiness into your life and always remember:

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"You Have To Love Yourself In Order For People To Love You"
"I Love You And I Will Never Let You Walk Alone"❤