Hey,my name is Luna Love and I am here to tell you a bit about me,actually alot.All my life I knew who I was,then when my first year of highschool finished and I honestly had no idea who was the person staring back at me in the mirror.I realised that I was depressed since my eight year all the way to now.Now I am a third grader in highschool and still to this day I have depression,and still to this day I am confused to who I really am.The past me who always smiled,was shy,kind,sweet and good is still a part of me,but not as much as my other half aka.arrogant, loud, bossy,intimidating girl.And believe it or not I think that there is a war in my,I dont know which side of me is real,the good or the bad. Sometimes I think I know,but then I rewine it back and realise that I have no idea.No clue what-so-ever!!!!The thing that I do know is that I am weird,but hey its better to be weird than to be normal like everybody else.I know that there is a lot of people out there suffering with emotional pain,or mental illness,but hey if your one of those people just like me and your reading this,then you know your not alone.If you dont believe me, then let me show you.You know how people always put others into categories,like for instance jock,princess,queen bee,drama,hipster kids, art,emo,heavy metal kids...and so one and so forth.We have now and for a long time been stuck with the names like weirdo,depresso,crazy...etc. Well I am here to tell you that you have a brand new name and it is called The Unicorn. Because just like unicorns we are special in our own way,we shine.Dont ever forget that my beautiful or handsom little unicorn.Shine your light and if you have one of those bad days,you should know that I will always be here for you.I know that you think that right know in this emotional or painful moment no one understands you,but I DO!!!!!! I will always talk to someone who needs help,because that the way I always was(thats the only thing I am shore about myself). Who ever you are,guy,girl,both,whatever!!!! I made this article so that people who have real problems can talk to someone who has been there,and that person shouldnt be a doctor or a psychologist even though they can help,they helped my best friend who also has depression,but a little worse than me(I dont really know never been to one for my depression,I hide it very well from my parents - not to say that you should hide it but my parents are quite strickt so they would either start laughing at me when I would tell them or sent me to the mental hospital,so just saying...)
All that being said I know that by know you probably find me pretty weird, well you should because I am.But my weirdness aside I am pretty helpful with things like these,so if you need help or know someone who I can help just talk to me...TRUST ME,TALKING TO SOMEONE HELPS AND SOMETIMES ITS EASIER TO TELL THIS STUFF TO A STRANGER THAN TO YOUR PARENTS OR SIBLINGS,OR YOUR BEST FRIENDS
If you know someone or are a person who suffers with this or any kind of pain please talk to me.
Yours truly Luna Love<3
P.S. I apologise for the grammer I am not from America - I am Europian as fuck (;(: