i am european and over the years i've realized how different we are from americans, asians or arabs. and because i've always been the kind of person who embraces differences, i decided to list a number of qualities that make europeans stand out.

(this article is not about degrading other races and nationalities)


as i learnt in my language class, manners differ in different parts of the world. for instance, in china people shake hands and bow when meet! in arabic countries, people are very warm hearted, so hugs and kisses are the choice.

in europe however, we are not as distant as people in asia, and yet not as close as arabs. we prefer to keep certain distance, we enjoy our personal space. obviously in different countries people greet differently, but i come to realize that in most of them its common to shake hands or kiss cheeks.

other than that, all over the world small talk differs. for instance, in arabic countries, as i have witnessed it, people love asking personal questions, and they love asking them twice. also, people often include God related phrases into their speech which signifies the importance of religion in their culture.

in europe however, asking personal questions is not common. the max you can get is "how are you doing?" and the only thing people answer to that is "oh i'm doing great, thanks!" we never answer that question truthfully.

yet if you happen to appear in eastern europe i shall warn you that people there are more honest in this aspect. so if you ask them "how's it going" make sure to be ready to hear all the complaints about their recent encouters.

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in june of summer 2017 i was lucky enough to visit usa for the first tme, and i enjoyed it over the top! i fell in love with new york and boston and philadelphia and other places, and i cant wait to go back.

what i happened to notice during the stay, is that american and european fashion differs drastically. strangers around me where a little surprised seeing me so dressed even when just going to the market. for me it is a usual thing, i always dress, and i prefer doing it nicely no matter where i go. but americans are all about comfort which i very admire, because i could never exchange fashion for comfort.

only when i came back did i realize that europeans really do dress up very much. we follow the trends and we get inspired by the high fashion, and we find it perfectly normal walking the streets in something you'd see a worldwide famous model wear. we love fashion.

(did you know that people in america wear sweatpants to school?! i was so shocked when i found out, but i find it very cute haha!)

asians proved to be very fashionable too! i, for instance, adore korean fashion. its so simple and yet stylish and i admire how they are able to combine those two into one.

arabic fashion has been improving over the years and more designers are now diversing their collections to include hijabs and jilbab's.

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from top left to bottom right: arabic, asian, european (ukrainian) and american.


europeans are slightly arrogant as for me. british people for instance, are the nicest people in the world, but they are quite distant, specially if it concerns business or new aquantaince. french people (women in particular) prefer to keep their beauty secrets to themselves, and ukrainian people (again, women in particular) may fall in love with your sense of fashion but will never tell you.

frech people love talking about art and literature. thats not just a stereotype. spanish people are very passionate, which honestly is the cutest thing in the world. ukrainians love a good laugh. they even joke about their government! germans are known for being punctuate.

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i thought this was a fun way to distinguish the differences between different cultures. we're not the same, and its okay, in fact, its cool! i am so in love with all the other cultures and traditions, just as much as i am in love with mine.

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