Sometimes I feel like I can't keep up with life. It feels like I'm being dragged down by the people closets to me. I feel like trash becasue I let others' words get to me. I know I am not perfect. I know I am worn at times. But despite my efforts of getting back up and expecting to never fall back down I do. I fall hard at times where I dont think I am able to get back up. But I do.Honestly I dont know what I'm feeling right now. I just know that I feel alone. I feel like I have let down the people I shouldn't be letting down.

The feeling is honestly so indescribable. It's like I know I have done nothingwrong yet I still beat myself down for it. I feel like I have to change myself for every drop I face in life. And you know what? Maybe in life we do have to change for the good. We do have to change to become a better version of ourselves and I think that's fine. But what I dont find fine is when we beat ourselves up for the little things.

I tell myself to change.That I'm prbably the one at fault. But it's not always me who's wrong. People in my life know that I'm jsut gonna end up crying my eyes out and so they let me do exactly that even if they are wrong.

My point is we are all works in progresses. Just like pieces of art sometimes tweaking aspects about us here and there are good to make us a better person, but that doesn't mean we should take crisitsm from everyone and imply it. Our lives are our artworks. We are the artists. We choose what we want our artworks to turn out like. It's in our hands what we wanna do. At the end of the day we are all works in progess.

This probably make no sense whatsoever to anyone. I kinda just typed up all the jumbled up thoughts in my head.