hi there gorgeous! this article is going to be one of my fall fashion inspirations! i wanted to go through what trends i love and certain pieces that i find really cute. i hope you enjoy!

1. long sleeved crop tops

fashion black
i don't necessarily like the ruffled trim-these two photos just happened to match lol

i tend to wear crop tops year round, but i have a deep appreciation for long sleeved crop tops. they're extremely versatile, meaning you could wear them with jeans and some heels to go out, or with sweats to just lounge around the house.

2. oversized sweaters tucked into jeans

autumn clothes fashion aesthetic

specifically colorful sweaters tucked into blue jeans! this is one of those things that i probably couldn't wear myself but find it super cute on others. i can't really explain why i like this, but look at it for yourself!

3. orange corduroy mini skirts

black autumn

i think these are super trendy and also a staple to have in your fall wardrobe! i can never find any that fit both my waist and my booty, but if you find one that fits you, go for it!!!

4. dusty pink

bag bag

this may just be personal preference, but i love the color dusty pink for the fall/winter months. it looks so soft and cozy.

5. oversized jackets

adidas alternative
i put this outfit together bc it seemed super fitting!!

i love the look of oversized activewear jackets with a pair of high waisted black jeans. it looks really trendy, but both pieces can be worn separately for different functionalities.

6. oversized sweaters. no pants.

autumn chocolate

obviously this isn't an outfit meant to be worn out, but for a cozy night in, this is the best outfit. where is the lie?

so that is pretty much it for this article. i hope you found it fun to read and that it helped you in some form! if you would like to, my youtube link is in the description on my WHI page, and i would literally lose my shit if i got to 100 subscribers this fall. i make beauty and lifestyle videos! i am in no way forcing you to subscribe. it would just mean a lot if you would!

i love you all so much. thank you for reading! be on the look out for my next article! xoxo