Hi, everyone! So right now I'm cuddled in bed with baby food and my puppy doll and an awful period cramp. I really felt like writing an article. So after SECONDS of deliberation, I finally decided to write about my friends because, hey, I have the BEST friends EVER.


1. Kumlano Evangeline Ezung

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My first friend, my first cousin, my best friend, my life basically.
Somewhere between applying ridiculous makeup on her helpers since the age of 8 to holding each other tight while our hearts were breaking at 18; I found one of God's own angel on earth. I shit you not.
I have known her all my life and trust me when I say that I wouldn't have been able to go through half of it had she not been there. She's one of the most beautiful and strongest girl I know.
Her heart could be hurting but she'd still give the brightest smile to you. That's how strong she is. In all of 19 years, I've seen her cry only a countable times ( less than 5!). I, on the other hand, am a crybaby.
Our families find it absurd how, even after 19 years, we still have so much to talk about all the freaking time!

2. Vinikali HA Suli

I still remember groaning when she first asked me to have lunch with her and her friends. It was the first day of my new school, we were in Sixth grade and I, so badly, wanted to have lunch with this other girl since she talked A LOT and I, for one, am a sucker for home stories.
However, ever since that day, we became inseparable. Also, it was only through the small lunch invite that I got to meet the rest of my besties which you'll be reading about later.
Vini had always been the perfect girl- perfect hair, perfect height, perfect A's, perfect pianist, perfect daughter, perfect student.
When I first met her, she was a certified mini Paris Hilton in her own right. Everything she owned was pink. She was the first girl to bring a pink Hannah Montana lunch bag to school, which the rest of the classmates oozed over. She had already mastered the winked eyeliner by 7th grade. I think she also knew all the dance steps to every song from HSM. I was ecstatic when I found out we'd be starting 11th grade together. However, her style changed there. She started wearing less pink. Wait, come to think of it, I don't think she wore any pink at all! She succumbed to blue jeans and a tomboyish facade. So much so, when I told people what she was like in high school - no one believed me!
However, all through the years her heart remained the same. She's still the same old 'perfect' student I met in 6th grade and her heart is as beautiful and pure as ever.

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3. Akitoli Chophy

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This girl will have you bawling over her wittily crafted jokes finessed with her over-the-top expressions. I swear, she's still one of the funniest person I've ever met. She hasn't changed since high school. She has the most down-to-eath personality. Even though she's mostly all fun and games, she's also one of the best people to talk to when it comes to matters concerning the heart. I still remember her being the 'only' person giving me a heads up when my ex asked me back. "I know how much you love him," she said. After he ended up breaking up my heart, she said,"I no longer care how much you love him, I won't let him break you again." She prayed for me that morning. It was only then that I finally stopped crying and succumbed to bed.

4. Sekulu Nyekha

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She makes me smile, laugh and cry, all at once. Her number is always on my speedial. I call her so much -It's almost reflex. Whether it be the time I got a new crush or the time I got a phone call saying my mother had been in a car accident-she had always been, in a way, my refuge. She has the nicest smiles and the UGLIEST CRY! I swear, it's so ugly. I hate it. So much so, I always end up crying with her simply because of the fact that she looks so ugly when she cries. So Seku, if you're reading this- DON'T CRY.

5. Stephanie Zenisenuo Sashienla Kevichusa

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[Pictured : Evangeline, Stephanie and Me ]

Yes, you read that right. That's her full legal name. Or something like that.
Need makeup tips? She got you.
Need help stalking? She got you.
Need help deciding what to wear? She got you.
Need help fighting the urge to text him? She got you.
Feeling down? She got you.
She definitely got me on that one.
Stephanie reminds me of the girl you read about in most poetries- the heartbroken, the sensible, the mellow, the serene but mostly, the strong.
As Jhumpa Lahiri would put it, "She has a gift of accepting life".
And I adore her.
(So much so, I would say it more than 13 times.)
PS : I know we don't talk all around the clock but You have always been and will always be my person.