• Relationship: I say what a relationship should be like and how couples should work out there problems. (I post one article every Monday)
  • Games: So on Tuesday I'll be playing games like 21 questions or a Q&A so we could get to know each other to interact you could say. (Every Tuesday)
  • Posting Pictures or GIFs (I may or may not post on Wednesday)
  • On Thursday I'll be taking in all of your request on whatever you want me to do to help improve my page. It will be such a great help and I'll always be grateful for that.
  • Friday: Random, I could do anything on that day.
  • Saturday: Fun day, We all love to have a little fun in our life so I'll be posting an article on fun things to do on your day off or a romantic day plan.
  • Sunday: Spam day. So basically what I'm gonna do is look through my followers' pages to see pictures that I could use on my articles and I'll give you credit for it.

PS: You can always come to me for help no matter your situation, I'll do my best to help you and give you as much advice as can. I can also be a therapist.

-As I go on I'll edit this-

Sincerely, Shenika <3