Taehyung climbs the stairs to his room at the same time he read the city newspaper. Busang apparently has its share of problems. A serial killer strangled his fift victim last night at barely six kilometers from his home. There was also a small chronicle that speaks of wild beasts roaring at night in the forest, it does not make him want to walk under the stars.

In front of his mirror cupboard, he continued to read engulfing in one of the passages of the text "The few testimonies we were able to collect talked about large hairy beasts with sharp teeth and howling icy, wolves have disappeared from Korea for two hundred years , did they come back ? " it made him remember somes fragments of the past during which he and Jackson were inseparable.

Jackson ..

He decided to put down the newspaper and forget the memorie of the night that transformed the rest of his life in hell ,when he looks at himself in the mirror. An old man in his sixties wearing a pale blue sweater and dark pants was watching him, Taehyung did ask himself who the man was but did not pay more attention. It is by understanding that this man was at his home and in his room that his heart begins to beat twice as fast. He looked again at the mirror to look this time only at his reflection. He did thinks that he completely imagined all, but incase , he looked around him in search of the old man.++

He returns from his evening jogging when he sees the glimpse of a person in his garden. Specifically he sees a silhouette with a dress? He shakes his head breathing loudly mentally treating himself an idiot and go in his house. Avoiding passing over the shadow that is still on his steps, He goes to his kitchen taking off his shirt and takes a glass of water swallowing it in one go.

Taehyung begins to seriously doubt his mental health. Since he has settled in, he thinks there is a spirit on his steps, feel eyes on him when he's sleeping, see an old man in his mirror, and finally he thinks he just seen a woman dressed in a white dress in his garden. Taehyung did believe in spirit,he came from a long medium lineage. Some were even more powerful than others in his family, called Shaman. His grandfather was the only one who could speak to them and order them, but he always said that living or not, everyone has his free will.

Taehyung's father and brother could feel the spirits in a piece and even how many they were. Taehyung had been bring to a shaman when he was a child, and the man had told his parents that he was born without a gift because he had the human side of his mother. He still remembers how the other members of his family looked at him that day, it was like everyone wondered why he was born, that he has no right to be the grandson of Rain Murakami.

He suddenly releases his glass on the floor after the scar on his left temple begins to burn . He has the impression that he touched with a hot knife that makes him utter a cry that echoes throughout the house. As soon as the pain ceases, Taehyung begins to blink his eyes and looked around. What happenned? His heart beats abnormally, he breathing exhaled even though it was not cold. He passed a hand in his hair filled with sweat and looked at the glass that fall in front of his feet.

He stretches out his hand to catch it, when the glass suddenly rolls to the corridor in front of the door. He look at the glass stunned,certain not to have touched it. He take a step slowly, cautiously to the glass that has stopped moving, then picks it up from the ground. It is on hearing the door knocking against the wall that he realizes that it is wide open. He raised his eyes to the door and froze in terror.

The man he saw in the mirror was now on his steps, simply looking at him, while over his shoulder an old woman in a white dress hurried to his house screaming to death and brandishing his hands. Taehyung does not lose a second to think about what happens and rushes to slam the door violently and lean against it. Still having his eyes hurting, he expects to hear her banging againsnt the door, but everything was quiet. As if nothing had happened.

So either he was crazy or he was not so human after all.++

"No, it's Mr. Jeong J.E.O.N.G ! he came to buy me some of furnitures that i sold from the house. No, i don't want to think aboout it, tell him to bring me all the furniture without quickly !" Taehyung hangs up, releasing the breath that was stuck in his lungs since he'd dialed the buyer's number.

Yesterday night had been a particularly chaotic. After having witnessed supernatural appearances, the old bell of the entrance sounded all night. How the hell did he not received a call from his neighbour ?

It was like the bell was trying to tell him something, but what ? what changed since yesterday ? then he understood.

The furnitures.

He sold them and anyone whoever had lived in this house before him did not particularly appreciated it. He knew that these things existed, but he though that he would never see them. Why now ?++

Several days have passed since the furnitures has found its place, and since then all was peacefull, ordinary. Too much to the taste of Taehyung whothough some things were more strange than before.

His white nights have ceased at all since the furnitures have returned. When he put his head on the pillow at night, it was to wake up the next day whis his stomach completely empty, his eyes puffy as if he had not slept the night and cried. Was he somnambulist ? did he go to a bar or insulted thoses who passed in front of his house ? Possible, it would explain why when he crossed his neighborhood two days ago they looked at him in a funny way. He needed answers to his questions.

What did he do then? He set up a little camcorder facing his bed last night and let him film all night. Now was the time for revelations. He put the SD card in his pc and waited.

The image shows him first heading to his bed after he has set the device, and put his head on the pillow. At first, nothing happened, the room was calm. He seemed to be in a deep sleep. The minutes passed and Taehyung began to doze in front of his computer when he saw his silhouette sitting all of a sudden on his bed on the screen. He looked straight ahead, the moon illuminating his blue grey eyes. They seemed elsewhere, still in a deep sleep, when a word no louder than a murmur was pronounced from his mouth.

Taehyung in his seat froze. watching himself on the screen saying that name with a neutral expression, he couldn't contain the tears that flowed inexorably, he did nothing to hide or wipe them. Even if he wipe them they always come back.

"Jackson was my childhood friend the Taehyung in the computer said "he trusted me with his secret and I kept it preciously. I was afraid to tell him everything i felt for him and I chose the easiest solution, i ran away. He hated me from then on, he cursed me, bit me, hunted like the wolf he was. "

Taehyung looked at himself admit his worst secret livid.
"He chased me, he chased me, did you know that a wolf devours their enemy to the point of gnawing the bone? I could have given him everything, i sacrificed everything for him and he wanted me cut in pieces. " The Taehyung in the screen put his hands in front of his face, looking at his palms and fixing them as if to ask them for an answer.

"Why was he doing this, why did he look at me this way? like i betrayed him, I could have given him everything ! He was my life, my reason for living, why was i not enough ? if he did not find me that famous night would it be different today, would he be alive if i did not have theses feelings for him ? If i had made the right choices would he still be at my side ? If i not existed would he have children with Kate? If I was not born would he have been a man happy ? WHY AM I NOT DEAD,WHY HIM INSTEAD OF ME ?!"

It was too much for Taehyung to listening himself admitting all what he had forced himself to shut all his life, all those fears, those regrets, all was naked in this dark room. Tears streamed down his face at the same time of himself in the video. He went to close the pc when he noticed himself in the screen looking in a corner of the room.

"Others questions ?"