hi there!!

i've decided that i will be updating my fitness goals and process regularly. probably once or twice every week? haha


im 17 years old this year, 165cm (5'4) and 50kg (110 lbs).
i started my fitness journey when i was 14 years old. at that time (2014) i was around 162cm (5'3) and 56kg (123lbs). that was my heaviest and fattest time. i know there are people out there that are heavier than me and what not but being only 14 years old i felt fat and unhappy with how my body was. so i slowly decided to start exercising. and i remember only loosing 4kg and i gave up. then in 2015, i started to lose weight unhealthily. i ate very little and it wasn't even healthy. and i slowly lost 6kg and at that time i was 165cm ( 5'4) and 46kg ( 101lbs ). i was skinny and happy with my body but i was really weak. fast forward to 2017, i decided to lift weights and do more bodyweight training instead of starving and only going for runs.


i just want to be as healthy as i can and lose some fats HAHA in the process.

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1. no fried food for 30days
today is day 4 of this challenge. ( started on 26 sept)

2. no biscuits / cookies / sweets for 30 days
i have not start on this challenge yet but i will be doing so next week!!

- 30 burpees
- 30 jumping jacks
- 30 squats
- 30 lunges
- 30 push ups

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