Interactive tour during one of the greatest holidays of the world
Halloween was created as an original
In order to honor all the monsters in the world
Start as a way of praising humans
On their fellow monsters for years of friendship On the 31st of October
People wear the finest clothes
To prepare for a night of celebration
How to greet monsters After everyone finishes processing
They walk door to door and ask for candy or they do tricks
As they dig the faces of their favorite monsters on the pumpkin plant
This is to celebrate their amazing and unique friends And At the end of the day Monsters and humans gather in the middle of the city
In order to establish the largest concert in the world
Humans in their uniforms and monsters in their glamorous manifestations
They dance all night And they promise to repeat that year
❤🎃❤🎃❤ 🍂🎃👻 This is a Halloween story

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