Was my affection not enough for you...?

You weren't ready for commitment, weren't ready to experience wonderful stuff with me. That day there we sat in your car, music in the background trees as our view, flowers blooming , just like our relationship as so I thought.
Maybe i told you to lie to me so you lied speaking such beautiful words that would make me crave you months later.
You said you were ready , again I believed your lie , as a 16 year old girl who had never experience such thing because she was afraid to have such feelings for another person.
Even though I asked if you wanted this i knew deep down all you wanted was to have fun , to bad I wasn't like the other girls who would give up easily.

You , you were my first kiss in 16 years , I was saving it for the "ONE" , yet there I was in a unknown car with the guy who played with my feelings.

Deep down I knew it was a bad idea , everyone told me not to get involved with him , ignored everyone and I got played

Despite it taking me months, I've finally realized that it wasn't me not being good enough for him , but him not being good enough for me. I remind myself that i deserve better than being ignored, I deserve better than him. I want to hate you but I can't , you took something from me that i could never get back.

To the guy who played with my feelings thank you for opening my eyes to see how fucked up some guys could be

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