This is my first article, and I know how heartbreaks suck, but this fall jam to one of these songs to enjoy the season and your life!

1. Destiny's Child - Survivor

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You didn't die after the break up, so consider yourself a survivor, whatever the case it was, you're still breathing. This song is catchy and it's a perfect song to bring up your self esteem. Do what's best for you and keep surviving without them.

2. Dua Lipa - New Rules

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Set new rules to yourself, change your habits, and learn to follow them. If you keep thinking of that person, you will never get over them. Text, call your friends to distract yourself.

3. Little Mix - Shout Out To My Ex

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Consider your ex an experience, and don't regret. As you learn to forget them, you'll be thankful that they broke up with you since you will become happier with yourself.

4. Fifth Harmony - Reflection

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With the lyrics of the songs, you will learn to appreciate who you are and why you should do things for yourself. Don't dress for anyone, but you. Dance along to this song and love yourself.

5. Taylor Swift - Clean

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This song will make you remember everything you did with that person but at the same time, you will see why it was best that the person shouldn't have stayed in your life. You will have them in your memory but as time passes without them, new memories will comes your way and you'll learn that walking through a bunch of rainstorms gets you clean.

I hope these songs help you, as they helped me once. Do something fun today, and have a nice day 🍂