1- How did you begin writing?
--- I start writing in diaries after my parents get divorced and then I've never stopped. Since I've got a grandmother who tells stories I've also started to developpe the need to write my own stories and here I am now.
2- Who is your favourite author?
--- I must say I have many favourite writers but let's say: Jane Austen, J.M.Barrie, Truman Capote, Bram Stoker, Katarina Bivald and Rick Riordan
3- Where do you get your ideas from?
--- Mostly from books I've read or movies I've seen. I'm also a big walker so when I walk I like watching everything around me and it can inspire me
4- What is your favourite book?
--- I'm gonna make a special post about this one for the 15 days Writing Challenge
5- Which themes do you write about?
--- Mostly about fantasy or romance, sometimes I try to stick to reality and it's really hard for me
6- Have you ever had writer's block?
--- So many time
7- What is your favourite book quote?
--- "Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices makes you." -If I Stay by Gayle Forman
8- Do you write fanfiction or original stories?
--- Both of them. When it comes to fanfiction it's mostly about the MCU, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson
9- What was the hardest scene you’ve ever had to write?
--- A scene of torture in the novel I try to write, I'm strongly against violence so writing about it is hard for me
10- Do your family/friends know that you’re a writer? No - why not? / Yes - do they support you?
--- Yes, my family and my friends know about my passion and they both support me (even if my mother wants me to find another plan for my life than just writing)
11- Have you ever written a book? No - why not? / Yes - how long on average does it take you to finish one?
--- I'm currently writing one and I hope I can finish it with the NaNoWriMo of this year
12- What is the biggest challenge you face/faced as a writer?
--- A block or being depressed, it blocks me everytime
13- Do you make your writing public?
--- Not everytime, for nearly three years I had a blog on which I posted a story I was writing but getting into high school took all my time so I had to stop but I'm thinking of creating a new one (in French so I won't destroy another language)
14- What are the perfect conditions to write?
--- Anywhere but with great music, some tasty food and a cup of tea
15- Why do you write?
--- At first it was to make me feel better, now I want to say it's because it's what I'm passionate about and what make me feel happy
Thank you for reading