If you don't care don't read it (or want to be sad).
Not sure why, but I feel like I need to do it.
I feel like my life starting to be hard.
Nothing satisfies me anymore.
Nothing new start to happen.
Nothing I want is happening(not ever).
The saddest part is that I'm trying to be happy(which is really hard).
Not trying to feel sorry for my self but still, I feel so.
How my life become this way.
Sad and depressing my life has become and I don't have the power to change it.
Of course, people will judge some will imagine how do I look ( still care a little about that which is sadder then everything I'm dealing with ).
Maybe this will go away, the feeling but this will stay.
Sorry for being sooo depressing, cause sometimes thing better this way anonymously writing.
Don't worry about me I'm strong, but had to say something about it.
Maybe I'll delete this soon(because I might regret it).