❝ when you look at the stars,
do you think about how
they’ve witnessed all we’ve become?
they’ve seen us meet,
strangers at best,
two shooting stars in opposite skies.
they’ve observed your tenderness,
my struggles,
our clashing,
like asteroids impacting our planetary surfaces.
most importantly,
they’ve seen us come together,
like two space rocks,
dubiously flying through space,
finally meeting in the same orbit.

- force of gravity // april 7th, 2017 (via wordswithmyself)

i. when the day met the night by panic! at the disco;
ii. northern downpour by panic! at the disco;
iii. circles by passenger;
iv. how long will i love you by ellie goulding;
v. this love by taylor swift;
vi. electric love by børns;
vii. ilysb by lany;
viii. romantic by stanaj;
ix. wild by troye sivan;
x. bite by troye sivan;
xi. ease by troye sivan;
xii. talk me down by troye sivan;
xiii. do i wanna know by arctic monkeys;
xiv. venis by sleeping at last;
xv. 400 lux by lorde;
xvi. always by panic! at the disco;
xvii. neptune by sleeping at last;
xviii. you are enough by sleeping at last;
xix. summer skeletons by radical face;
xx. heart like yours by willamette stone;
xxi. wake me by bleachers;
xxii. overnight sensation by børns;
xxiii. clouds by børns;
xxiv. what do you think by the jungle giants;
xxv. fallingforyou by the 1975;
xxvi. the only exception by paramore;
xxvii. fools by troye sivan;
xxviii. medicine by the 1975;

https://open.spotify.com/user/emmafrcst/playlist/0zj4R3JHqACr0Hlkk8KGgL | an ari and dante playlist.