Hello my little lovely licornes ~

Few weeks ago, I ordered a few items through an e-shop called Cosmetic-Love, which is oriented for selling korean cosmetic products made by a lot of different brands. This time I ordered character sheet mask, lip tint, hand cream, sponge hair rolls and beauty scissors.

Etude House My Beauty Tool Strawberry Sponge Hair Roll are actually little sponge strawberries in a two different colours - in a red and pink one. They look totally adorable. In a package, there are four pieces of them. The best feature they have is, that they are really soft! You can sleep with them completely fine, because they don´t hurt you during the night. Your hair is curly in the morning but it´s a pitty there is only four of them. I give it 3/5.

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The Saem Saemmul Real Tint in a pink shade is my the most favourite lip product now ♥ It´s a water based lip tint if I´m not wrong and it´s absolutely perfectly pigmented. It provides your lips lovely pink colour and super-sweet strawberry scent. Its capacity is 9,6ml and even this item is now in a sale! Apply smoothly with tip. Lightly dab onto center of lips for gradation. Delicately apply for full cover. Colour holds on your lips for almost a whole day. Even if you drink or eat something. It´s a pure magic! I give it 6/5.

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Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Character Mask Sheet is a sheet mask with Gudetama´s face! You surely know about this japanese cartoon character, which is, simply put, a lazy egg. I wanted to buy also something from this Holika Holika line and I also wanted to try a new sheet mask. My face had a Gudetama´s one on itself and it had a lovely ice peachy tea scent. At least it smelled like this to me. My skin was hydrated and smoothed more, pores were tightened. I give it 5/5.

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