I guess it is time for me to write this down. There is no one I can talk to about this because it is mostly dark and nobody would understand. I don't expect to get many hearts on this, it is just that I finally need to say it and nobody knows me here. RIght?

So.. my main problem with this world is that there are too many educationally alienated people everywhere. It doesn't matter if we look to the USA (european prejudice, I guess - but I think it is mostly true) or to Europe, Africa, etc. (basically the world).
There are humans who don't deserve to live. It's a fact. They are arrogant, psychologically ill and ignorant. Why do they exist? But now comes the question: what gives me the right to think so? Doesn't it make me arrogant too?

I'd love to invent something. Wouldn't it be great to find the chemical composition of bad people? Yes, it would. But is it possible? Rather not. And then we would have to find out from when on someone is ethically bad... which isn't possible as well.
Even if I would make it, what would give me the right to pretend to be a goddess?

Yes... it is complicated and it is to be continued.
Till next time in this series.