Hi everybody! I just wanted to post some inspirational photos for fall, my favorite season. So if you're interested please keep reading. I hope u will find something helpful!
Fall has just started and we can feel it! The weather gets cold and the trees turn into yellow and red colors. So get comfortable, make some tea, coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the cozy season. I'm gonna be talking about trends for fall 2017. So here are some of them!

oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters are so comfortable and cozy, and they look so nice with coats and leather jackets. I will always be in love with this trend.

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This season is not so cold, but not so hot. So I recommend u to get boots, cause they are comfortable and they always look good with almost every outfit. You can wear them with coats, jeans, skirts.

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long coats

This classic trend will always stay popular. The coat can complete your outfit and just be clothing for cold weather. I prefer coats in beige, white, grey, red and black colors.

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Jeans are comfortable to wear and acceptable for everyday wearing. I love this trend so much cause it always looks nice with almost every outfit.

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Thank you for reading and I hope u will find inspiration for putting your autumn outfits together,