Whatever kind of relationship you're in we all need to know this.

Engaged Couples
Married Couples

When you truly have 'feeling' for someone. You don't ask that person for much.

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All you need from them is their attention, love, and compassion.

When you are in love with someone you have a lot of insecurities. Sometimes you're not even happy with yourself cuz of all the bad thoughts that come into your mind.

Sometimes you love that person so much but when you ask them a question and they tell you "not to worry about it or stuff", it sets you off.

All the negative thinking keep on coming cuz they won't tell you.
It's a lack of trust in each other.

Also when in a relationship you have to remember that each of you needs to cooperate and understand each other situation.

We all need some privacy and some space from each to spend time with our family and if something is to happen, just support your partner and stand by them.

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