Day 8. Make a list of your favorite destinations.

Hey everyone:) this is gonna be long, since I love traveling so much and I think this is my favourite article so far!

This is the city I'm from, and God I love it so much! I couldn't! leave it forever, but I wanna live somewhere else at the same time:D It's confusing, lol. This city is so beautiful and not too big, I can strongly recommend this to you!

I'm originally from Hungary, and London was always a dream to me. I was there like three or four years ago but I really wanna go back because it's just amazing!

It's my favourite city with is very close to me, so I've been there twice and I'm sure I'll go there like a million times! I love how it's similar to my city, and I feel I'm home when I'm there.

My cousins live there and it's close to me as well as Prague, this year I've been there 5 times and I'm going like two more times or even more:D So Wien is absolutely my second home, I love absolutely everything about that city.

I've never been to Paris before, but it's actually in the first place of my bucket list. I think almost every girl dreams about the Eiffel Tower and the city of love, however I'm not even in love...:D

My mom was there last April and I was amazed just by the photos she took. I'm interested in Russian language as well so maybe some day:)

Madrid & Barcelona,
I'm only writing them together since both city are in Spain. I've already been in Barcelona, but I could go back any time, it was the best city I've ever been to! And I want to got to Madrid so bad!

Los Angeles,
I'm a big fan of rock music and music itself, and the first city that comes into my mind when I think about rock is obviously the City of Angels. I haven't been to America before but I hope so one day I'll live there.

New York,
I absoulety love how it's a big city. I live in the capital of my country so I love all the noises, and the bustle, the rush, everything. And of course it's a big apple so I hope I can go there soon!

San Francisco,
Just simply love how it looks like, and similar story with LA:)

I've been in Africa this summer, but unfortunately not in Egypt. I'm in love with the ancient Egypt, the pyramids and so on... So I would totally love to visit that place one day.

I guess these are my faves, but I'm sure later something else will got into my mind, so maybe I'll add some more city! I hope you guys liked it, and sorry I don't use pictures during the article but I don't know how to put them here...:DD
Sorry for my English, and see ya tomorrow!