I don't think any person is boring. I just think that every person has a set of interests that someone else might find boring. For example, if I like poetry but that doesn't interest you, then you'll call me boring. And vice versa.

I think there are 2 types of people in this case (as most of my observances go). There is the type of person who is extremely and almost annoyingly simple. This person is amused and excited by the simplest of things. They are satisfied by the simplest of things and concepts. They have no desire to know more than what is required. This person usually connects with the masses easily. They're fun to be around but useless when it comes to situations that require some sort of intelligence and wisdom. This person always needs to be around other people. Because how can something that lacks depth be complete on its own. It's always empty and constantly needs to be filled by other things.

Then you get the type of person who enjoys depth and complexity. These people are interested in things that are more than what they seem. They always want to know more than what is required. They're never satisfied with what is just on the surface. They're always searching for what is deeper than the surface. This person is usually excited by things like silence and thought. These people never always need to be around other people because they are always accompanied by their own depth.

Now let's compare the two. Let's take poetry as an example. The simple person generally doesn't enjoy poetry because with poetry, there's so much depth and therefore searching for a deeper meaning than what comes to mind at first glance. The simple person is satsfied by what comes to mind at first glance. They find the searching process boring. Then the complex person. This person thrives on the searching process. They love searching and searching until they reach the very bottom. And then still they might not be satisfied. What the simple person finds boring, the complex person gets high off of.

And that's why some people are boring to others. But no one actually is boring. It just takes the right people to understand what others might find boring.