i had a crush on you since like forever. it started the first time i ever saw you and i knew you have caught my attention and same goes to you. i just hope that we could've be friends rather then just an acquaintance.

when i saw you on that field my heart just flatters and its beating like crazy and those butterflies roaming inside me i just couldn't helped it i really want to get to know you. i've made the first move by conversing with you and i actually made you laugh and smiled when i joked about how big our jersey was and we would look like butterfly with wings attached to our bodies as we ran chasing after the ball. we we're playing handball as if you we're wondering what were we doing on the field.

as the game ended and we've won against the other school. i heard the conversation you had when you've asked your close friend should you asked for my number or not and when she said no you've just listened. my god how i wish you would have just ask and we could have been friends. and as for me why didn't i asked for hers myself. she's just too pretty and very smart while im just the sports girl with normal grades.

we have something, i know we did because most of the time i would catch you staring at me or even trying to talk to me through my friends and i also did say hello every single day whenever i walk pass you and you smiled. you did not know how happy i was. but why wont you ever try to just be close to me why is there always a gap between us. we would talk but only if my friends and yours is around us. i know you like my humor and like me being around i can feel it too. or is it just me feeling it but you would always give me this signs like you really want to get close to me but you wont ever do it, maybe its because you're confused with your own feelings.

after you switched school you did not know how empty my days was, i just dont want to go to school anymore the thought of not seeing you just breaks me. i guess i should have just give up and bury you in my pass as a person whom i had loved.

but after i moved with my family and that i coincidentally when to the same school as you. i was happy too much happiness surrounds me
after i saw your face outside the school office. and that you've stopped and couldn't believe your own eyes that its me here close to you. you smiled so bright that your cheeks are blushed so red from smiling. i really love you, i just hope this time i get to conveyed my feelings to you...

i love you risha...