I know it can be difficult for people to understand what it's like to be autistic. heck, most of the time I don't even understand it. But I wanted to try and put it into words. The school work part of college has not been a difficult thing for me yet, which is I am so grateful for. But the social stuff has been hard. There has not been any crazy parties or anything but just being in a class of 75 people is overwhelming and confusing. especially during lectures when there is a break and everyone starts talking and joking round, to me it honestly feels like everyone has suddenly started speaking in Spanish or something. Nothing they are saying makes sense. Everyone in my class is very nice to me and seem to be wonderful people but I just can't figure them out. I am pretty used to this though and wasn't entirely unexpected when I started college this year. But after 12 years of school being like this, I'm pretty done with it. I love the classes, I like the people, I like the school, but its so difficult walking into a class room everyday and feeling like you just stepped into a different country. I don't mean for this article to be disheartening, and I defiantly don't want to discourage anyone on the spectrum for going to school. But I case anyone was wondering, this is was school feels like when your autistic.

(should say that this won't apply to everyone on the spectrum, I can only speak from my own experiences)