"I'm so sorry," his words bled. He pulled me closer, his hands clenching mine in desperation. "Please. We can fix this. We can fix us."

His eyes burned my skin, sweeping over my face to find something reassuring. My eyes burned from unfallen tears.

I blinked and the tears flowed like a soft river as I finally found the words caught in my throat, "I am too. For letting you believe that I was the kind of girl who could just stay."

We stared into each other's eyes, I only looked away to stare at my hands as I withdrew them from his warmth. It felt like I was slowly ripping my heart out. She knew he felt it too when he cupped her hands then slowly brought them to his soft lips to kiss--almost like a loved one would do to heal the wound of an injured child. I resented myself in that moment as I found I loved you even more for that affection. His tormented eyes stayed with me the entire time, even as he gently placed my hands on my lap. Go, his eyes spoke, I have to let you go.

She quickly turned away from him, practically running in the opposite direction. She wished to turn around to thank him for respecting her decision and being the strong enough for them both. But she didn't. Instead, she ran because turning around would only lead to more heartbreak.