My favourite books

Now this is a hard one, as an avid book reader its hard to pick favourites but ill try to narrow it down.

- Looking for Alaska

Fucking awsome book, read at your own demise as this book will fudge you up in all the best ways.
You will want to be her and know her all at once.

- We were liars

I dont even know how to describe this book.
Basically its one you have to read more than once to truly get it and even then you still dont fully get it.

- The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window

This one holds a special place as its the first actual book i read and its amazing, a bit for everyone and sexy as hell.

- Paper towns

Now i have a true love for John Green. This is one of my favourite John Green books, oh how everyone will wish there life was this book once they have read it.

- Thirteen reasons why

Now i know everyone will think of the tv series when they read this but as always THE BOOK WAS BETTER. Read it.

- Since you've been gone

Last but certainly not least, the book which has you wishing someone would give a shit enough to do all the wonderful things done in this book.

I said id TRY and cut it short, and i did, sort of 😬
There are soooo many more i would love to share, so if you wish to hear them after liking my suggestion feel free to message me and i will oblige.

Au revoir, from the one who may remain a mystery.