here I am again for day three but before I start I'd like to tell you that I really need years to finish a book and I don't read many books, but I started this trilogy a few years ago which I absolutely love and I'm gonna write a revision about these three books.

A reason to love
A reason to breath
A reason to live

by Rebecca Donovan

So I have no clue if she's an italian author or not, I searched but I couldn't find anything about her biography.

The story tells about a girl, Em (from Emily), who lives at first with her uncle, the uncle's wife and their 2 children, which Emma really loves.
Her aunt, the kids' mother, hates her for some reasons and she does bad things at her, making her suffer. Emma never tells anybody apart from her best friend, Sarah.
Sarah is a rich girl, the most popular and beautiful of the school while emily is probably the most smart girl of the school.
The first book talks about Em's hard life.
The second book tells how she knows Evan her future boyfriend. they really love each other and he's a rich guy, too. He has a older brother who starts to date Sarah to go out all four togheter. Sarah fells in love with Evan's brother and he does, too, of course. So they start to date seriously.
Both the couples brake up.
In the third book:
Emily is now at Stanford university, in California, and Sarah is in Paris. here are present daily adventures and parties Em goes to and where Evan comes out again.

I really fell in love with this book the moment I picked it up in the bookstore, the title seemed interesting so I started read it.
After I read some chapters I escaped it's a trilogy so I searched in the same bookstore the other two and I immediately bought them!

I hope you will read them and enjoy, xx