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I liked the end of the fact that no one died, except Gabe. Despite the fact that, Gabe was a duck, when he was dying, I felt sorry for him. No matter how disgusting he was, Gabe was an ordinary man, even though he was a hunter, but he was a teenager. I liked the fact that Theo took away his pain and eased his death. This showed that even villains can become heroes. In general, Theo all the season behaved like a hero.         In my opinion there was little Stydia. I waited for them to kiss or at least embrace. Instead of throwing himself into the arms of Jackson, who treated her like no man.         I liked that Nolan, who was for one with the hunters, realized that he was wrong and decided to help Liam and his friends. I began to feel sorry for him when he said that he did not know whether he had friends because he considered his friend Gabe, but he beat him for treachery. At the end of the show we were shown that Liam was his friend.         I was delighted with Derek's return. He was as cool as ever.         To be honest, for me, the ideal end would be couples: Stiles and Lydia, Scott and Kira, Allison and Isaac, Malia and Theo.          I would like to spin off with Stydia, but I understand that this is unlikely to be, because Dylan O'Brien completely went to the movies. I would have seen the spin off if was with Theo or Liam, his friends and Nolan.         I will miss Teen Wolf, this story, characters and actors.