Hello everyone, this article will be based on my experience with using the tumblr app only.

September 26, 2017, I've decided to queue a bunch of random post that will last until February 4, 2018. I also queued some post here and there through feb-may of 2018. The reason why I'm taking a break from that app is because the people on there are so damn annyoing. You have this different tumblr cliques on there that think they're too good to reply back to a simple ass question, they always starting drama, they're rude, stuck up, and ignorant. They only interact with they're same little clique, reblog a selective few of their mutuals pictures, and it be the same people in their threads. It's like high school mean girls edition all over again. The women on there are a bunch of pick me ass bitches, viticm complex syndrome having ass hoes, overly passive aggressive, bitchy, bullies, rude, mean and plain out ignorant. They be capping for these tumblr men who dont even want them, always posting their business then get made when you insert an opinion or an assumpation. The tumblr men are a bunch of childish ass boys that still act like they're still in high school. They bully people, always making fun of people, they're so fucking ignorant, post way too much porn, dickheads, cocky, and they're so freaking broke/cheap and they want you to accept that struggle love. People on tumblr are mean to anons question to the point where you dont want to ask them anything. There also cowardly and creepy ass people sending weird shit and scary shit behind the anon feature that they wouldn't say on ask. Trust me the mean side of Black tumblr you dont want to interact with like i promise you its not worth it. white tumblr side are majority racist and spill annyoing and ignorant shit and for other poc side of the tumblr they ignorant too. Oh and i almost forgot to mention that they stay deraling your post, the men on there are always speaking that hotep/ankh shit, and they run these disgusting porn blogs. LMAOOOO!!!!! I went in, but theres still a quite few of them that are cool to fw. However the negative stuff that i listed wasnt worth it anymore. Stay away from these unpaid tumblr people and the ones that you stay seeing them on a thread post. I won't be back on there untill somewhere in june 2018. I'm taking a long ass break because its the same shit when you log back in and i won't miss none of them. Smh I already have to deal with annoying people in real life so i especially don't need to deal with that mess agian on social media. Plus almost all of them live on there anyways. I'm done rant over.