Hello! I've researched some fashion shows and women's fashion magazines such as ELLE and BAZAAR and found some interesting and trendy pieces that will be popular this autumn!


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A lot of you probably already know that coats are- and will be a trend this autumn, but there are different styles of coats. Floral will be a popular print, especially in coats and similar pieces that sort of flow. Floral, like a sofa floral. Fur coats, preferably faux, that have a vintage feel to them are also going to be great for autumn. Also, nylon coats or coats with buttons, belts or even a more masculine sense to them!


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You may be a little bit confused but victorian collars will be trendy during autumn. Maybe not one as detailed as this one but in the fashion industry there are quite a few, more simplistic, victorian collars going around. Lingerie dresses up any outfit. It adds detail. As Travis Scott once said, "belt." Especially wide or western style belts. Belts really help shape up an outfit. Belts come in many different ways that fit just about any kind of jeans, pants, shorts, etc. As you may have seen before, fishnets are in. And most likely here to stay.

Materials, Colors & Prints

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Heres a variety of trendy materials, colors and prints that'll be a hit! The 70's is back! The bright-ish colored plaid is making a comeback. We're also throwing it back to the 80's a little bit this fall with leather. Silver and chocolate browns are going to be worn a lot this fall, of course along with other earth tones. For denim, denim details are always a must.


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As you can see, these are two totally different styles. Western styles are coming back. Boots with western accents, leather vests, western prints and belts are going to trend. So are leisure suits. Hope you didn't throw away your early 2000's juicy couture jump suit! Comfy and cozy is in!

Disclaimer: None of these pictures or trends are mine nor originated from me! I only researched and put this article together using my own words. I hope you enjoy and I might write an article including fashion that I personally enjoy and think will be trendy this autumn/year.