The Fall weather is my favorite, mostly because you get unlimited passes to wear the most comfortable items in your closet but, also because the fall fashion is so beautiful to me. With the cute turtle necks, long trench coats and the color patterns!

If you do not have any inspiration on outfits that you can create for the fall then today is your lucky day! I'm going to help and show my favorite ways to style your outfit for the fall. So here are my tips for you to nail your flight for the Fall fashion!

1)Turtle Necks

Turtle necks are in right now and a lot of people are in between about it. I think that turtle necks are the most comfortable dress shirts out there. The material just makes you feel like you are in bed with a warm blanket and pumpkin candles. The neck itself will keep you warm and you wont freeze to death. I do recommend the long sleeved ones because in my opinion they look much better...but, you do you!

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It does not matter if you're a guy or girl or big or small or about your race- anyone can rock a turtle neck and they are too comfortable to pass!

2) Coats

Sweater Weather is in town and I love it! Sweaters or coats can help bring an outfit together and is the perfect piece of clothing that is needed in your closet for the Fall! Depends on what look your going for- sweaters give a more casual and laid back look while a coat brightens your classiness a bit more. However you decide to style these items it still screams "FALL" and I am here for it!

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3)Cozy Colors

Burgundy, Beige, Deep Green, Black, Orange- these are all examples of the colors that own the Fall. Any colors that fall in between are also included. I think as long as they are deep and warm colors you are owning the Fall!

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Our feet should stay warm as well- now it is not Winter so they don't need to be Uggs or boots in that sort. Easy shoes with a great style is always the answer to go when dressing up in the Fall!

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5) Jeans

Jeans or Jean skirts are born to be worn in the Fall in my opinion they keep you warm but they don't suffocate you with hear either. I think that jeans in the Fall are so cute! It is a great way to look casual but still classy and get you some jeans!

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Okay guys! That was my 5 tips and recommendations for you guys to slay this season! I know these tips were probably already given to you somewhere but these are the ones that stood out to me and that I love the most! Feel free to follow and message me!