“Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care and celebrate.”
― Amit Ray

Hi lovely people,
i hope you're having an amazing day!
Here are some cute picture idea's
you can recreate :)
Plan a fun photoshoot with your friend and have fun.
( Always feel free to dm me for whatever you like, let's have a fun conversation )

happy moments

girl, smile, and hair image
Let's start with the fact that this is actually one of my favorite pictures i've ever hearted. I love how happy she looks and i think it actually makes everyone happy. A sponantious laugh is the most beautiful thing ever, trust me you look good when you laugh, be confident.

plants are friends

girl, summer, and beach image
Plants not only keep us alive, they are also very beautiful. Strike a pose with your favorite flower and if you're insecure about a body part for example your lips, then hold the flower like the girl in the picture.

sassy but beautiful

girl, vogue, and fashion image
Yep, absolutely one of my favorite picture moods ( idk if that is a thing ). It makes you look confident eventhough you're might not.

sun bathing

girl, blonde, and b&w image
Absolutely love the pose. Find a Sunny place, ask a friend/ family member to take a picture and be confident.

beach vibes

beach, summer, and blue image
Let's be honest, the beach is a happy place. The beach is very instagram-worthy ( lets puke, just bc i said that ) and looks ( almost ) always good at pictures. When you have a fun day at the beach, capture the moment.

city vibes

city alternative
LOVE THE CITY, all cities. i've personally lived my whole life in nyc, i mean i like nyc but tbh Toronto and Amsterdam are my favorite. Find a cafe with a good view over the city that you live in/ visiting and strike a pose.

holiday vibes

friends, travel, and hair image
love, love, love holidays. Capture all the fun moments you'll never regret it.